Photos: Le Butcherettes In Detroit

Hailing from Guadalajara, Le Butcherettes turned into one of the most revered Mexican garage bands out there in recent times. Their quirky identity, and peculiar approach to songwriting made headlines, not to mention their reputation as a killer live act. The group definitely earned its stripes, having toured internationally and released various acclaimed albums, which helped them garner an international following. Their live shows are equal parts furious and sultry, combining the group’s musical versatility, with their love for punk and garage.

The night began with a fiery set from LA group Stars at Night. This femme rock band set out impress their audience with their uncompromising sound, a cool throwback to 70s rock, but with some original elements as well. The vocals almost made me think of Stevie Nicks on steroids, with a vitriolic delivery matching the power of the band.

I think that Stars at Night did an excellent job with their set, and they warmed up the audience successfully before the long-awaited main act.

Later, The Butcherettes took the stage with their blend of theatricality, garage music and gritty aesthetics. The audience was responding really well from the start, and it was clear that the band had a very devoted following. If you enjoy artists such as The Dresden Dolls / Amanda Palmer, you’re definitely going to enjoy The Butcherettes and their post-gothic aesthetics.

The band has a very dynamic way of performing, often combining raw and energetic outbursts with some cool soundscapes and textural intermissions and intros, adding a lot more depth to the tracks. It’s not really common to see bands with such a distinctive personality out there. Le Butcherettes are hard to categorize under the scope of a specific genre, because their music really blurs many lines. The band’s set list borrowed from the group’s material, including some new tracks, as well as fan-favorites that brought the room to a total frenzy!

All in all, this was a really great night, with a fun opening band and a very inspiring main act. It’s obvious that all the musicians on stage had a lot of fun and where really happy to be there. The positive energy was definitely translated to the audience as well, and the enthusiasm in the room was palpable.

This was a great night of pure rock and roll, and Le Butcherettes definitely know how to put up an interesting live set.

Le Butcherettes

Stars At Night

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