Photos: Larkin Poe – Detroit MI

Larkin Poe is one of those groups that always leaves you guessing. Their sound is pure blues rock and roll, yet it is quite hard to pin-point the precise set of influences that drive the band’s music. Take their most recent album, “Venom & Faith,” for instance. On this release, Larkin Poe set out to channel a wide range of tones and influences, tipping the hat off to alternative music, garage, hard rock, and a lot more.

The band’s eclectic spirit really shines through when they’re on a stage. The fact that the band has such a diverse sonic formula actually makes their music even more inspiring and multi-dimensional, going for an incredibly direct twist and a very special enthusiasm. The first thing that you’ll notice about Larkin Poe, is that they sound like a really powerful unit when on stage.

Their music is actually monolithic and every sound is highly detailed and curated, achieving a really striking balance. On this tour, they had the opportunity to share a few dates with the legendary Bob Seeger, which is an absolute honor, as well as a testament to Larkin Poe’s growing reputation as an amazing live act. These talented sisters, have a really special way to combine timeless rock antics with distinctive southern roots. This combination of styles works really well in the studio, but in my opinion, it is even cooler on a stage!

When you think that they’re stomping on the gas and giving their all, somehow they always manage to up the ante and get even more berserk up on the stage! In addition to writing kick-ass songs and performing them with passion, Larkin Poe have managed to build really great set-lists for their show. They know how to structure their songs and pace their set so that they keep the engagement levels as high as possible, and really keep the audience interested from start to finish.

If you have the chance to catch Larkin Poe live, don’t pass up! Their live sets are somehow even more interesting and engaging than their (excellent) studio recordings. There is really something special about their magnetism, and interacting with the crowd is really one of the things that make their shows even more special and one-of-a-kind. The beauty of live music is that every show is different, and you never know where the songs can go.

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