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Photos: Korpiklaani – Los Angeles

For years, Korpiklaani has been known as one of the most innovative folk metal groups out there. The Finnish group has been on the scene since the early 90s, albeit in different forms. As of 2003, they’ve been known as Korpiklaani, following radical line-up changes. Their combination of folk metal and thrash is still considered quite a staple, and the group stands strong on the stage.

Their music is driven, direct and forward-thinking and the relentless pace of their songs translates really well in a live setting. It’s amazing to see that this band still carries the flame, and their fans still respond very positively to their sound. Recently, the group actually released a brand new album, “Kulkija”, which has been released to rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. (you can read ours here) The band’s recent North American tour saw the group perform new songs, as well as other deep cuts and fan favorites from the group’s songbook.

Even after redefining the folk metal game for so many years, Korpiklaani are still pushing for innovation, with passion and integrity for their sound, and for their fans.



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