Photos: King Diamond In Cleveland

King Diamond is more than just an artist. He is a true cult hero who unwittingly inspired a generation of musicians. From stars like Dave Grohl and Travis Barker, down to pretty much every metal band out there, everyone seems to praise King Diamond’s songwriting and showmanship. The Scandinavian artist recently announced a surprise comeback. The project announced a new album, “The Institute,” as well as releasing a new single titled “Masquerade of Madness.”

King Diamond’s distinctive style blurs the lines between great melodies, hard rock swagger and black metal darkness, and his huge vocal range is still as impressive as ever. The shock rocker isn’t just in it for a new studio album: he has a huge tour lined up, and he recently treated the audience at the Cleveland Agora to an excellent show. He performed a really comprehensive set-list, including a touching dedication to Timi Hansen, who recently passed away after battling cancer.

If this show was any indication, the artist is in great shape, not only creativity, but also with enough stamina to hold a venue and keep the audience engaged and entertained. If you are familiar with newer bands such as Ghost, you owe it to yourself to check out one of the pioneers of this wave, for King Diamond is back!

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