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Photos: Helloween Live – Pumpkins United Tour

A classic power metal act still going strong.

Helloween is a band whos left a mark on the history of heavy music. The band has definitely managed to earn their rightful place among some of the best groups of their generation, influencing thousands of acts along the way. The band is still touring, and recently, they have actually embarked on one of their most important tours to date: “Pumpkins United.”

The aptly titled tour sees the band bringing their music throughout the world and visiting a wide range of countries. In fact, the group has been busy with this endeavor ever since 2016, with this year marking the end of the tour. One of the most distinctive perks of this string of shows is that pivotal members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen set out to join the fold again. In addition to reconnecting with Helloween, the musicians will also record together again, with a new album scheduled for 2020!

On stage, the band is absolutely on fire. The chemistry that fuels the work of these musicians is absolutely clear, and the group sounds like a tight, powerful unit. One of the most interesting things about the show is that the band has a really no-frills, back to basics attitude, without gimmicks. This is simply what you would expect to see: a solid rock band belting out tunes and engaging with the crowd in a very seamless and spontaneous way.

Helloween’s show is quintessential classic metal, but the group is no stranger to theatricals: the video projections behind the group really enhance the live experience, and add a nice dimension to the show, without necessarily stealing the spotlight. This is the best way to implement some theatricals in a rock show: you want that little something extra, but you don’t want it to overpower the band’s performance and energy!

As the band goes on through the set-lists, fans can expect deep cuts, as well as classic favorite tunes performer with focus and conviction.


Dr. Stein
I’m Alive
If I Could Fly
Are You Metal?
Rise and Fall
Perfect Gentleman
Starlight / Ride the Sky / Judas
Heavy Metal (Is the Law)
A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Pumpkins United
Drum Solo
Livin’ Ain’t No Crime
A Little Time
Waiting for the Thunder
Sole Survivor
How Many Tears

Eagle Fly Free
Keeper of the Seven Keys

Encore 2:
Guitar Solo
Future World
I Want Out


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