Photos: Hatebreed At Harpos

There are very few names in the hardcore scene, which are consistently praised for relentlessly great live shows, uncompromising energy and that fire that ties the old school hardcore scene with the massive weight of the modern branch of the genre. Hatebreed is definitely one of them.

The group continued to carve the path previously initiated by artists like Sick of It All, Terror and Agnostic Front, while also incorporating more influences from the metal scene. As a result, their songs are a bit more involved than most hardcore bands, requiring a physically more demanding stage presence.

On a stage, these talented musicians were extremely focused, but also loose, meaning that they were concerned with creating an amazing sonic experience for the audience, but they were also in the moment, lost in the power and depth of their own sound.

The mosh pit was like a continuous wave of elbows and flesh, and it had a great sense of urgency and unpredictability to it, just like in the olden days! The band didn’t waste much time talking between songs, rather focusing on creating a set list as dense as possible. From fan-favorite such as “Destroy Everything,” down to various other deep cuts, the band managed to create a relentless and well-paced setlist, which really kept the crowd engaged.

The place, as you might expect, was actually packed as well, and the sheer energy of the crowd really made a massive difference. Just simpering seeing how the audience reacted to the band and the song was pretty wild, and you can definitely see that even the members of Hatebreed were feeding off of the vibes from the crowd.

This was a quintessential hardcore show, and it couldn’t have been more authentic, in terms or recreating what the audience expects from this kind of experience.



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