Photos: Halestorm – The Fillmore – Detroit, MI

This past summer, Halestorm delivered a brand-new project – an album titled “Vicious.” This release was an excellent step forward for the group. Their music retains a very edgy and aggressive tone, with various influences and experimental ideas. From metal, to industrial and post-hardcore. Anything goes for this hard rock act.

The thing is, with most bands in this space, is the fact that they sound so different on a stage than they do on record, at times, they just can’t keep up with the quality of their recordings. This is not the case for Halestorm. The band has a punchy, cohesive and intriguing sound. The guitar riffs are intricate and leaning towards progressive music, yet they are also quite catchy and energetic.

Lzzy is just an all around elite vocalist and performer. She reaches those high notes effortlessly, swinging up and down the stage and keeping the energy at very high levels throughout the duration of the show. The band are true pros: their sound is impeccable and by looking at their equipment and meticulously crafted tones, you can tell that there is actually a lot of effort going into making the experience unique and memorable for the members of the audience.

The show borrowed from the band’s history, with some new material, but without forgetting about fan favorites. If you enjoy music that defies genre definitions and will challenge the audience, you really need to check out Halestorm. They are the perfect link between alternative music, metal and commercial rock bands.

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