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Photos: Frank Turner And The Sleeping Souls – Houston TX

From punk rocker to outlaw folk troubadour, Frank Turner managed to earn a cult following through the years, releasing music that combines great melodies and organic production aesthetics with insightful lyrics.

More importantly, Frank Turner managed to acquire an outstanding reputation as a live act. His most recent music could be seen as a departure from his earlier work, ditching the rough edges in favor of a more polished sound. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is definitely his ability to connect with the audience, especially on a stage.

Frank Turner is a high-energy performer, if I ever saw one. His way to interact with the audience is really expressive, especially when he’s free to roam around the stage and get closer to the audience. One of his most recent single releases, “Blackout,” from 2018, is a good example of the artist at his catchiest. The song has a pleasant hook, and a modern melody, which contrast with Turner’s earlier folk stomp. Although the newer songs translated really well on stage, it’s the classic material that really made the audience go berserk. The electrifying energy of his material is undoubtedly deeply rooted in the heart of his core fans, and there is something almost cathartic in experiencing Turner engaging with the audience to the tune of his most beloved tracks.

The setlist featured a lot of new material, especially through the first half of the set. Later, Frank and his band set out to dive deeper into their repertoire, even going as far as dusting off some deep cuts, which definitely caused a spark of excitement among the most die-hard Turner fans in the audience.

Part singer-songwriter, part punk rocker, and part storyteller, Frank Turner is almost like a modern Dylan, one who loves to tell competing stories through his tracks. The atmosphere was truly incredible, almost like going to a party, where you actually know everyone, and the people are there to have a good time, not just to be seen! Ultimately, Frank Turner is largely credited for his influence in exposing folk-punk to a broader audience, and it is not surprising, with such a combination of high-quality songwriting, and warm stage antics, which truly speak to the audience.

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