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Photos: Cruachan Celebrates 25 Years – An Epic Night Of Celtic And Folk Metal

Cruachan, Skyclad, and Waylander are among the pioneers of folk metal, and their music has been a staple of the  scene for quite some time now. Recently, the took the stage at Dublin’s famed Button Factory in order to rock the audience and celebrate a very special occasion: Cuachan’s 25th anniversary!

To celebrate such an impressive milestone, the Trinity joined forces on a single stage for one of the most memorable nights in metal. The audience was treated to some theatricals, which went perfectly along with the the music. If were lucky enough to attend, you saw berserkers and shield maidens battles making the night even more memorable.

Theatricals aside, the music was just as great as you would expect. Cruachan was particularly on fire that night, and the band featured former members John Clohessy, John Fay, Joe Farrell, and perhaps most notably, Karen Gilligan, one of the band’s most iconic past members. The group took their anniversary to heart, and their extensive set list really reflected some of the most notable eras of the band, offering fans a smorgasbord of some of their most beloved songs.

The mood was really uplifting all the way through, but having said that, there was also room for a bit of melancholia throughout the night, as Waylander took the opportunity to announce that this would have been the last show for Michael. Well, if this was to be his final performance, he can definitely call it a day with a lot of pride, because he absolutely killed it.

Skyclad put up an amazing performance as you’d expect as the band members were definitely having fun and visibly reveling in the spirit of this one-of-a-kind night.

There is really not much that can go wrong when you put such legendary bands on the same stage, and fans certainly walked away from the Button Factory with a buzz in their ears, and a lot of memories.

Photos By: Bruna Gomes

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