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Photos: Amberian Dawn -Milan Italy

Hailing from Finland, Amberian Dawn are purveyors of symphonic melodic metal. Their music is tonally rich and incredibly sophisticated, making for diverse arrangements with a unique feel. The Tampere band recently set out to take their music on tour, and their striking live act is just as precise as their studio material.

The group sounds like a tight unique, and their sound combines frantic drums with walls of guitars and bass. In addition to that, the synths play a very important role, especially when it comes to giving the band something special. The most recognizable lead melodies actually are brought in by the keyboards, whereas the guitars are more concerned with creating a thick and aggressive soundscape. The vocals are absolutely outstanding, even more so in a live setting.

Capri has a lot of finesse, and she can easily reach astonishing heights effortlessly. Most singer seem to be at a breaking point when attempting the high notes they pull of in their studio album, but for her, it seems absolutely effortless. Her vocal style has an operatic feel, while still retaining a classic metal edge.

Amberian Dawn sounds like a solid unit. These skilled musicians treated the audience to high-level technical skills, as well as magnetic showmanship and theatricality.

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