Photos: Amaranthe At Turbinenehalle – Oberhausen, Germany

Amaranthe are coming fresh off their latest release, “Helix,” which is the bands fifth studio effort. Naturally, the group embarked on a tour to promote the new record, which is a highly conceptual album with a lot of complexity and clever arrangements.

The band’s music combines heavy electronic sounds with larger-than-life guitar tones and even melodic vocal hooks. Listening to such a monumentally produced album and picturing the songs on a stage, one might think that the band couldn’t pull it off. However, Amaranthe has earned a great reputation for their energetic, yet meticulous live renditions.

This isn’t your average metal act, and in fact, it kind of challenges a lot of the cliches and stereotypes of the heavy metal scene, by adopting idiosyncratic ideas and embracing unexpected influences, including sugar-coated pop melodies, R&B vocal flourishes, and modern-sounding electronic synths.

Not only can the band seamlessly recreate the studio tones of their albums, but they can put up a great show with a really strong sense of showmanship. The visuals are spectacular, matching with the band’s aesthetics and imagery. The line up hits the stage in a very choreographed way, as if the band members were almost in sync, moving to the music and acting out the songs according to their feelings.

The band’s following is highly dedicated, and the Swedish group seems to be absolutely stoked about sharing the material with their fans. One of the things that make their live shows absolutely one-of-a-kind, is certainly the fact that you never know to expect: the band’s sonic palette is extremely diverse, and there are different elements that hit you left and right: melodic female pop-inspired vocals, brutal growl parts, melodic death metal tones, walls of guitars that flirt with djent and nu-metal, as well as various EDM / Dubstep elements. Such a wide array of influences really allows Amaranthe to put together a very diverse show that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

The atmosphere is quite surreal, it is almost like ABBA trashed an Amon Amarth set and started jamming out with them. The result is surprising and unique, and the band is rightfully earning a bigger fanbase with every album, and every show. The group’s working ethics and undeniable passion have already allowed them to go far with their music, and the way is only forward.

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