Photos: Alice Cooper And Halestorm

Alice Cooper is probably an artist who knows no introduction. He is a true pioneer and a rock and roll survivor who is still going strong. Recently, he partnered up with Halestorm for a massive tour, which brought the two acts across the United States. Cooper and Halestorm are two acts with a rather different background.

The former has been pushing the boundaries and breaking all the rules since the 70s, while the latter is quickly growing into one of the biggest names in the modern hard rock scene. Although some people might argue that these acts are quite different in their sound, it is interesting to see two acts that bring such a diverse dynamic to their setlist. Halestorm just released a raucous new album, and the new songs translate really well in a live setting.

Cooper’s setlist, on the other hand, mostly focused on classic tracks, such as the evergreen rock anthem “School’s Out.” Those riffs really made the whole place shake, and the audience went nuts. As you would expect from such a seasoned act, Alice Cooper has an amazing stage presence, with its lavish outfits and spectacular live band, also featuring Nita Strauss, an excellent guitarist with a mind-blowing set of skills. She knows when to play within the lines and serve the songs. However, she is also a master at improvising and allowing her playing to let loose and wild.

Alice Cooper surrounded himself with talented musicians, and the quality of the show was truly astounding. From the skills of these performers, down to the passion and focus displayed with each song.

Halestorm definitely pulled their weight as well. Big riffs, huge vocal hooks ad larger-than-life song structures. All the ingredients of a great rock band are there, and they certainly know how to cater to the audience. On this tour, the band is definitely taking home an army of new fans.

Even those people who showed up for Alice Cooper alone responded well to Halestorm. This is the kind of band that really lets you enjoy the songs, even if you do not necessarily know them. Their tracks are rock and roll bangers that will make people move with crazy riffs and lots of energy.

Alice Cooper / Halestorm is a dream bill for many, and this tour is definitely one of the hottest to travel through the world this summer!

Alice Cooper


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