Photos: A Return To Avatar Country With Baby Metal

Baby Metal and Avatar might sound like two odd stage companions, but their music has one common element: making sure the audience has a fun time. They definitely succeeded.

Baby Metal is a Japanese band whose been making waves, not only due to the hard-hitting punch of their music but their unique aesthetics and dance antics. With their combination of industrial, heavy, nu-metal and pop sensibilities, Baby Metal represents some of the aspects that make the Japanese music scene so quirky and one-of-a-kind.

There is always a lot of seriousness when it comes to a lot of heavy metal music: Baby Metal’s live show is all about reminding the audience that this genre can also be fun and there is room for not taking yourself too seriously. What’s really outstanding about this group is that the musicianship is excellent.

The live band keeps the pace fearlessly, allowing the front girls to really bring their all to the audience. Their super-charged live act combines so many different influences, and the sing-alongs are gripping and catchy from the moment the group hits the stage. Even people who walked into the venue to mainly support Avatar couldn’t help but move to the music and smile at the performance offered by Baby Metal.

Speaking of Avatar – they definitely stand out as one of the most diverse and surprising bands on the heavy music scene today. If you look at them, you just don’t know what to expect. Is it a glam band? Is it power metal? Is it old-school rock and roll? The truth is that it is a little bit of everything and more.

Their live show reminds me of seeing Scandinavian bands such as Turbonegro, but with a more bubblegum-like approach – and I mean that in the best possible way. With confetti, outlandish outfit, soap bubbles, and other colorful stage props, the band simply put up a great rock / metal show. They get down and dirty with the crowd, and they really give their all on stage.

While the band’s concept is definitely light-hearted and filled with humor, they definitely take each aspect of their performance very seriously, because each element of the mix is impeccable. From the brain-melting guitar solos to the machine-guns snare attack of the drums, and the singer’s ability to own the crowd. This is pure, unashamed, unapologetic rock and roll!

In a world where musical genres are becoming less, and less of a dividing barrier, a group like this one is a treat to enjoy live!

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