Graspop Metal Meeting 2019

Graspop has probably been one of the most buzzed-about festivals in Europe for the summer of 2019, and for good reasons. This festival’s line-up is a dream-like selection of some of the best extreme music out there. From metal to hard rock, to straight up hardcore punk, and even something more experimental, anything goes.

The list was indeed impressive, with headliners the likes of Slayer (performing their final show in Benelux) as well as Kiss, Def Leppard, Slipknot and many more. There is room for everything, including hard rock gods like Slash, as well as provocateurs like Rob Zombie, not to mention classic acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Punk rock fans also had a lot to rejoice, because the festival featured groups such as Refused (one of the pioneers of post-hardcore) as well as NYC’s own Agnostic Front, Clutch, Sick Of It All, Terror, and more. There were also relatively softer acts, such as Taking Back Sunday, as well as Fever 333, only to mention a few.

It feels like the creative directors at Graspop really went to great lengths to make sure that different genres would all be equally as well represented, giving the audience a fantastic experience. The line-up of the Graspop festival was almost too good to believe for fans of extreme music.

If you attended the festival, and you are interested in different scenes, there is no better way to merge so many different musical influences together into one event. Of course, big, bad rock music was the main star, and it is safe to say that one of the most impressive performances of the night was handed over by Slayer.

The group is killing their last tour, and it’s clear that they’re working hard to give their fans a really memorable “last time.” The level of energy they managed to bring to the table, even after all these years, is astonishing! All in all, Graspop stood out as one of the most amazing events for European rock fans this summer.


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