Gangstagrass In Houston

What if you could blend Hip hop with Bluesgrass? It might sound quite far-fetched to some, but this is exactly what Gangstagrass set out to accomplish. As the band’s name might imply, the combo set out to combine hip-hop with bluegrass music, and the resulting blend of sounds are absolutely incredible.

Their music isn’t just a gimmick, but a nuanced formula, filled with great melodies and authentic grooves. This isn’t just another “let’s do a bluegrass version of a famous song” kind of group. Instead, they focus on new material, giving the audience a unique listening experience.

The band’s live shows are exciting and filled with good vibes. One of the most interesting things about listening to this band is that actually, the combination of bluegrass and hip-hop is not outlandish as you might think. The two genres really fit together like melted cheese on top of a nice NY slice. If you really think about it, this blend of influences is quite natural. Rap’s affinity with blues, jazz and other forms of roots music is well documented, and the sound of this band really feels like the music’s going full circle.

Genre definitions and music history aside, Gangstagrass is just a absolutely phenomenal band. Each member brings something unique to the table, and the mood of their live sets is absolutely on point. They know how to keep the energy level high, and their live performances are dynamic and easy to relate to. The vocal ad-libs and harmonies are particularly interesting. These melodies and choral parts often echo the sound and feel of delta blues and gospel chants. The rap flow is reminiscent of many of the most cherished old-school heroes in rap music. From Erik B & Rakim to A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan or Cypress Hill, anything goes.

Gangstagrass is currently out on the road, so swing by if they hit your town! The band is touring in support of their most recent album, “Pocket Full of Fire.” This is the group’s fifth release, and more importantly, it is their first-ever live recording. This record offers a great representation of the line-up’s chemistry on stage, as a faithful snapshot of Gangstagrass in a live environment, where they can connect with the audience and build a unique atmosphere.

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