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Flogging Molly And Le Butcherettes In MI

Some people might think that Flogging Molly’s frantic Irish punk stomp doesn’t really have much to do with Le Butcherettes, and their garage noise aesthetics. In many ways, it’s true that these groups actually have a completely different approach to music, but on the other hand, I’ve always been a fan of bands who team up to add a diverse range to their shows, making for a more dynamic experience for the audience.

Le Butcherettes offered a show that almost had a theatrical quality to it, combining edgy guitar tones with solid grooves and expressive vocals. The atmospheric effects appearing on most of the band’s songs really helped fill up the sonic space on stage, making for an amazing live show.

Le Butcherettes manages to create a quickly rising experience, gradually climaxing the energy of the performance, Flogging Molly seemingly went all in at full blast from the get-go.

Flogging Molly immediately jumped into a frenzy, with some of their most upbeat songs, throwing in some fan favorites, as well as some deep cuts, but mostly keeping a fast-paced dynamic throughout the show. The audience engagement was absolutely amazing, as the group has developed a special way to relate to their audience, with years and years of stage experience under their belt. This is the kind of music that’s best enjoyed surrounded by other people, moving, screaming lyrics at the top of their lungs, and perhaps sipping a brew or two. There is nothing that screams “let loose” like a folk-punk show, and Flogging Molly is one of the absolute best bands in the genre.

Ultimately, this show was a total hit, I for one enjoyed listening to a diverse array of musical styles for the night. This tour is kind of like an exotic meal with a twist. At first, you might think that the ingredients might not really fit well together, but once you get a taste, you’ll immediately start to see that it makes perfect senses. It was a pleasant diversion from the norm, giving listeners a truly exciting experience and a night with different moods and pacing through and through.

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