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Eluveitie And Korpiklaani In New York

Eluveitie and Korpiklaani joined forces on an exciting co-headline tour named “The Wanderers Towards Rebirth.” This tour is a dream come true for Folk Metal fans, and many people who have been looking for an opportunity to see these two bands together. As a bonus, Gone In April is supporting, bringing something just a little bit different to the table.

This is also a very significant time for Eluveitie, especially because their new album really marks a new open door in the band’s career, welcoming new influences into the mix. (Be sure to also check out our Ategnatos review) And it’s undeniable that the new songs rip! The band performed several gigs without Nicole Anspenger, who stayed behind to take care of her kids. Thankfully, Julie Bélanger Roy from Gone In April stepped in and contributed with some killer violin parts.

Korpiklaani also released a new album, solidifying their formula and treating the audience to another sonic experience with their signature all over it. On a stage, this group is a true force of nature. The combination of masterfully executed songs and raw power is strong here, and it definitely gives their shows a more energetic and organic dynamic, although they stay faithful to the sound of their records.

Eluveitie and Korpiklaani have quite a lot in common, but they are also different enough that a co-headlining gig makes perfect sense to me. In front of a packed audience at The Playstation Theater, the groups really brought their A-game, and there was not a dull moment in either set.

From the unique stage antics of this composition, down to the larger-than-life wall of sound blasting from the stage, everything was truly memorable. There was a really great turn out, and it is always kind of funny to think that you’re actually in the middle of NYC’s Time Square when you’re checking out shows at The Playstation Theatre. On one side of the street, you’ll see the glossiest Broadway billboards, and on the other, a line of metal fans looking to get into the venue and enjoy some rock and roll. It’s always a sight to behold!


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