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Cellar Darling At On The Rox In Dublin Ireland

Cellar Darling’s line-up consists of talented musicians who know a thing or two about what it takes to rule a stage and engage their audience. The band members have a lot of experience with various well-received projects, and Cellar Darling is their creative outlet for energetic rock and metal music, with a touch of alternative folk to bring it all together.

On stage, the band sounds like a compact unit, with a balanced live mix and all the elements in the right place. Their professionalism is matched by their showmanship, as each band member knows its place. Drummer Merlin Sutter unleashes his inner beast, flailing and moving energetically behind his kit, but without missing a beat. The consistency of his drumming is particularly vital to the monolithic punch of the sound of this band, particularly live!

Band leader Anna Murphy is a charismatic vocalist and talented instrumentalist. With her trademark hurdy gurdy tones, she is the musician in the band who brings about the most prominent folk influences to the sound of the band.

One of the most amazing things about seeing Cellar Darling live is that they are able to create an inclusive sense of intimacy with their audience – the energy and electrifying pace of their music bridges the divide between the band and the audience, making for an immersive and galvanizing experience!

The band kicked off their tour in Annas second home, Dublin Ireland. They’ve also played a show in Glasgow, as well as Manchester with upcoming shows in London and Belgium. For a full list of shows, be sure to check out the bands official website.

We were absolutely blown away – by the audience in Glasgow, and on every other stop of this tour so far. It is just absolutely incredible and humbling to come here as a brand new band and find such a warm welcome, so many friendly faces, and experience such amazing shows on our very first tour of the UK and Ireland. Intimate shows are the best, and these are some of the most memorable ones of our careers! Plus, we love the amazing landscape and nature of all three countries and are taking every opportunity to see as much as we can. We can’t wait to be back as soon as possible!

– Cellar Darling

The Show



Black Moon
The Hermit
Six Days
Under the Oak Tree…
…High Above These Crowns
Fire, Wind & Earth
The Prophet’s Song

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