Video Premiere – Sanya N’Kanta – Easy Baby

As the week comes to a close, take some time to relax, leave the worries behind, and appreciate the things around you, such as some great music. For example, like this new track and video from Jamaican-born singer/songwriter Sanya N’Kanta, “Easy Baby.” In a way, Sanya delivers a similar message with his new song, as when asked about it, he described it as:

Easy Baby” is about stopping and smelling the roses and not letting circumstances or people dictate our happiness. Life isn’t a race, so slow down and enjoy the beauty it brings before it’s gone.”

The video version of the song was recorded live at Grindhaus Studios in Charlotte NC, and the video was done by Jess Dailey. The song, which you can now stream here, will be featured on his upcoming new album, ‘Love is Free,” which is due to be released later this year. Sanya has always effortlessly been able to fuse various styles and genres, but this time, he’s going for a more rock approach, as he explains in more detail:

“While I have tended to bend genres in the past, the new upcoming album “Love Is Free” is a rock n roll album. “Easy Baby,” the first single, is an excellent representation of the forthcoming record, and I’m so excited to put it out in the world. Getting to team up with Grammy award-winning Chuck Alkazian again has been a dream come true and I feel like we got something extraordinary here.”

Embodying a genre-inclusive approach he emits an inimitable and irresistible frequency as he gracefully moves through rock, reggae, alternative, soul, funk, and pop all at once. He lets songcraft and a well-developed artistic identity be his signatures rather than embracing trends or coloring within culture-defined guidelines.

His previous album, The Counterfeit Revival (2020), was a swirl of sounds like only Sanya can stir up. It grappled with challenging but timely issues of race, immigration, and the black experience. It was a potent, political-themed purging that cleared room for the personal explorations that characterize his rock-infused 2021 EP These Are The Days.

Today Sanya is prolific and inspired as music continues to pour out of him. On the upcoming songs, he navigates life’s ebbs and flows, and the power of embracing optimism despite it all.

Following “Easy Baby” will be the August release of “Highway Road.” “It’s about a deep desire to live in the moment with extreme spontaneity. It is easy to become shackled by routine and plans. Sometimes we need to jump in the car and drive with no destination in mind,” says N’kanta.

‘Easy Baby’ is a hard rock groove packs a punch of solid riffs and a grand funk breakdown. This first track is definitely an indication that we can expect some more amazing singles this year from Sanya, and ‘Love is Free” is an album that you most certainly will want to have on your radar.

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