Video Premiere: Chamomile and Whiskey – “Best of the Worst”

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for “Best Of The Worst,” from Southern/Celtic/Americana outfit, Chamomile and Whiskey. The song is off the bands upcoming new album, ‘Red Clay Heart’, which will be released as October comes to a close on the 30th, with pre-orders up here.

With its infectious sing-along course, “Best Of The Worst,” is a mellow anthem in which, as the listener, one could interpret as taking a glass is half-full approach to you and your crew taking pride in being at the near bottom of the moonshine soaked barrel in a sea of aged wine.

Koda Kerl Gives us the actual back story and meaning of the song, by saying:

As Chamomile and Whiskey became more established in the area, we started to gain a reputation for our rowdy live shows, and while most people seemed to like it there were some detractors. There were people who didn’t like how wild the crowd would get and other musicians who thought we didn’t take it seriously enough. A lot of this seemed to stem from some of our hometown folks from Nelson County.

I was talking with my friend Pete one night after a run-in with a particularly pretentious local musician, and we came up with the idea that maybe we were “the best of the worst.” When I get to Ken’s studio, I saw a picture of James Booker hanging on the door, entering the room with the keys, and knew I was in the right place.

It’s one of the earliest songs I wrote for this record, and I always kind of imagined it as a sequel to ‘Nelson County,’ which was on our last album.

At a time when many artists find themselves having to take creative approaches to music video shoots due to the pandemic, Chamimile And Whiskey had the brilliant idea of stringing together a collection of footage featuring family, friends, and fans.

The band will also be throwing a live and socially distanced Release party, on October 30, and on Halloween with the hometown Halloween Bash on October 31. For more details on the show, check out the following link.

Chamomile and Whiskey

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Chamomile and Whiskey came about like all good, simple things–by making two things into one. In the case of this group, Marie Borgman and Koda Kerl–native musicians of Nelson County, Virginia–combined chamomile tea with Evan Williams whiskey one evening. They decided that what they had made tasted like their sound.

Although the group has evolved since forming in 2011, it, like the subtle mixture of herbal tea and whiskey, has matured and found its own sly, subtle voice. If a band has feet, then Chamomile and Whiskey has both on them firmly on the ground. But if a band is a living thing like a plant–which the best bands are–Chamomile and Whiskey has grown from roots set deep in Americana, blues, Celtic, old-time and the singer-songwriter tradition of the south.

The group has developed a more electric sound with Drew Kimball on guitar and enhanced the foundational fiddle and guitar sound with drummer Stuart Gunter. Their last studio album was recorded in 2019 in Nashville by Ken Coomer of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo. It sounds like music that is lived in and lived through. Their sound tastes like Chamomile and Whiskey.– Christopher C. King

“Things really fell into place for Red Clay Heart. Our lineup had been shifting in the years leading up to it and it seemed we had settled on the right personnel. We’ve steadily been getting more electric since the band formed and this collection of songs suited where we’d been heading… I was playing more piano, we were adding guitars, and Marie was singing more. All of that worked well in Nashville, working with Ken was the right move… from the first day we were in sync and to my mind, he was able pull more out of the songs and help us into our second act.” Koda Kerl

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