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Twlight Force Release Video For ‘Dawn Of The Dragonstar’

Swedish power metal act Twilight Force will release their new album, ‘Dawn Of The Dragonstar’ on August 16, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. Today the band has unveiled another song off the highly anticipated album in the form of “animated pictures, which were produced by watchful director Stefan Altzar and captured for all eternity by diligent cameraman Tommy Eriksson. ”

Knights and apprentices! We are delighted and excited to finally present to you the title track from our third creation – ‘Dawn Of The Dragonstar’! This hymn tells the olden tale of a mighty and ancient dragon, whose final fate is to ascend to the firmaments and become a star of guiding light. The splendour of his gleaming soul brings honour, courage and strength to all humans, elves, and dwarves. “The video for this song portrays TWILIGHT FORCE on their journey to help fulfil the prophecy of the Dragonstar. By using the blinding swiftness of his nimble fingers, Lynd, empowered by powerful enchantments, imbues the petrified Dragonking with renewed lifeforce. However, the incantations required to enchant Lynd turn out to be volatile, and Born’s potent decoctions come in handy when Blackwald’s spellcasting manifests itself in a somewhat…unplanned manner (shapeshifting is indeed a handy school of magic, but it is better utilised for quests requiring great stealth rather than for awakening dragons). We hope you enjoy this adventure together with us, and may the power of the Dragon guide you all! Blackwald


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