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Svartby Streams New Single “Under Frusna Stjärnor “

Saint-Petersburg based folk metal act Svartby, are streaming and new single titled “Under Frusna Stjärnor (underfrozen stars.)

The new track will be featured on the band’s upcoming new album. The band has talked  a little bit about the new single, as well as the new upcoming album saying;

The new album’s concept will tell a story of chthonic monstrous beasts – masters of the Mountains, the Sky, the Sea and the Forest. These beasts are ancient and freaking enormous, and they were in hiatus for ages… until now

The title song “Under Frusna Stjärnor” is an introduction track. Svartby’s matriarch, Mother of All Witches, the most powerful and the most important creature in Svartby village. She is walking under frozen stars and climbs the Bald Mountain for shamanic witch ritual to awake the chthonic horrors.

What we want this time for the next album is coming back to the roots – the ancient evil forest, the northern nature, and obviously Swedish lyrics to wrap it all.

We also decided to give a second birth to the song about Svartby’s matriarch from the first album. “Moder av Alla Häxor” is about the same old witch – Mother of All Witches.

Both songs are intertwined by concept. We actually developed the lyrics part from “Moder” about how the matriarch talks with wild animals, and we turned it into something bigger… MUCH BIGGER.

The “Moder av Alla Häxor” song finally sounds like it should have been recorded, granted the help from our fellow vocalist Darya Ivlitskaya. So we hope you like it. It is a present to ourselves and to you as we celebrate the 10-years anniversary of our first album this year.

You can hear the new song on itunes, spotify, google play, yandex music and Bandcamp


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