Street Dogs Set To Play Their Final Shows

Boston punk act Street Dogs have made the announcement that the band will soon be coming to an end, and they will be playing their final few shows in March. The band began when original Dropkick Murphys frontman Mike McColgan decided to make a return to music in 2002. Street dogs formed and recorded a seven-song demo featuring other former Dropkick Murphy bandmates Jeff Erna, Rob Guidotti, and with Bill Close.

Mike McColgan and Johnny Rioux made the announcement on their social media by stating:

This is not an easy post for us to make so we’ll just spit it out- What makes these upcoming shows in March so special for us is that our first shows out of Boston back in 2003 were opening for Flogging Molly in upstate NY. Fast forward 17 years later and here we are doing these great shows along with a headlining show at Alex’s bar in Long Beach, CA.

These shows will be some of our last shows as Street Dogs with our final shows to take place in our hometown of Boston Mass. Details for those shows will be forthcoming. It was tough collectively coming to this decision but we have said, played, and done about everything we could have imagined and then some. We were and are incredibly grateful for all of it.

It’s been such a wild ride and we will cherish the memories and friendships we have made over the years and we all look forward to the next chapters in our personal, professional, and musical lives. All the love and thanks to our Street Dogs brothers past and present Pete Sosa, Matt Pruitt, Lenny Lashley, Tobe Bean, Marcus Hollar, Paul Rucker, Joe Sirois, Jeff Erna and Rob Guidotti.

Big gratitude and thanks as well to Stormy at Leave Home Booking, Mad Marc at Mad Tourbooking and our manager Laurens Kusters. Also we want to shout out the first two people willing to work with us Nate Albert and Joe Sib. Most importantly thanks to all of our amazing fans, Street Dogs Army, for giving us the most kick ass life the last 17 years. Love all around to all of you.

Now California let’s party this March. There are still a few tickets left for the Alex’s show but they won’t last. Come on out to the shows

With Respect And Love To You All

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