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Skye Wallace Releases New Single And Video, ‘There Is A Wall”

Skye Wallace has released another video and single, ‘There Is A Wall,’ from her upcoming self-titled album, which is due out on June 7, 2019. The track is currently available on all major streaming platforms here.

Skye spoke a a little bit about the track saying:

“There Is A Wall” is a song of empowerment and an anthem lamenting the glass ceiling and the frustration of womxn trying to strive toward greatness throughout history. This is a song for all the untold stories, the under-appreciated, and the unseen.In the video, I wanted to feature folx I know who inspire me and empower artistically. I’m lucky to know them and they each do excellent work. The artists the video features are J Stead (New FRDM founder), Arianna Rueda Lascano (singer/songwriter), Britta B (poet/performer), Nanook Gordon Fareal (activist/actor/Feeding Canada founder/Porcupine Warrior), Jenna Strautman (bassist/singer/songwriter/Tanblonde), Vanessa Vakharia (singer/songwriter/keytarist/Goodnight, Sunrise), Teagan Johnston (singer/songwriter/pianist/Little Coyote), Gina Kennedy (bassist/keys/singer/songwriter/Altered By Mom). This video also features my excellent bandmates Alfie Vienneau, Devon Lougheed, Gina Kennedy, and Jenna Strautman, and was directed by Nicholas Marinelli. Skye Wallace




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