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Sabaton Release Radio Tapok Cover, “Defence Of Moscow”

Power metal icons Sabaton and have released a new track, which is a cover of one of Radio Tapok songs, “Defence Of Moscow.” Radio Tapok has done many covers of Sabaton tracks in the past, as well as doing a release of ‘Attack of the Deadmen” in Russian, the day before the release of the officials have a ton version.

Bassist Pär Sundström commented on the song by saying;

“May 9 is celebrated as V-Day in Russia, the day to commemorate the victory over the Nazis in WW2. This year we participate in the memory of this event by releasing a song dedicated to the brave men who fought in the battle of Moscow,”

“This track was originally written in Russian by our friend Radio Tapok. It’s a very strong song and we thought it made sense that Sabaton should give it a try to make a honorable cover of this song. “We love to surprise everyone, and this is a great surprise.”

A 7″ version of the cover is up for 3 days at the following link

Sabaton Defence Of Moscow

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