Premiere – Red Cain Drops Visualizer For ‘Precipice Of Man’

Back in late January, Calgary-based power prog/goth metal act, Red Cain, released their sophomore album digitally on Sliptrick records. Today we’re bringing you the premiere of their video for ‘Precipice Of Man’ which is a visualizer of the epic prog track.

The band’s latest album is a concept record of the Kindred saga, which began in 2019 with the band’s release of “Act: 1”. The album offers a mix of melodies and metal styles in the form of power metal, progressive, and some goth metal.

Vocalist Evgeniy Zayarny spoke a little bit about the track and the story concept of the album by saying:

“A ballad, but also…not? Certainly the most experimental track on this album, “Precipice of Man” was born out of focusing entirely on capturing the story and atmosphere related to the track from note one, and creating a musical landscape supporting those elements. Utilizing falsetto vocals and electronic touches not found in other tracks, “Precipice of Man” still keeps the weight and urgency of the album, but provides a necessary introspective and cautiously uplifting element.

Within the “Kindred” concept, this is a track that “takes stock” of the world of the album at the time, featuring three parts from the POV of three characters: the opening stanzas from Zalcoatl’s companion Juliet urging him to push on (“take my hand and step out onto the precipice of Man”), the Nameless Exarch’s ominous Latin chants in the middle of the track as he commands his hordes, and Zalcoatl’s meditation on the role of humanity (“all their songs, they weren’t meant for us…but we are all that’s here”). The track hits a crescendo with an uplifting, determined chorus from all our protagonists together – “There is life in the ashes, there is smoke upon the shore – and your weary hands hold the fate of more than you can know” – showing that there is still hope on the journey to the Sun.”

Red Cain’s new album “Kindred Act: II” is available on the following digital platforms:
Bandcamp (includes seven custom pieces of digital art designed by the band) and Spotify

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