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Premiere: Nanna Barslev Releases New Track And Video, ‘Skjoldmø’

The Nordic Folk Artist Signs To By Norse Music

2022 is starting off big in the Dark Folk/Pagan scene as prominent Dark Nordic folk, Neofolk, and Viking music composer/artist Nanna Barslev has announced that she has signed to By Norse Music. The young platform for Norwegian art, music, literature film and more, has been amassing an incredible roster, with Nanna being yet another perfect addition for the label.

The singer has been well-known in the Folk scene since the early 90s, as she has also been the frontwoman in acts such as Huldre, Asynje, Gny and Ættir.

Today we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of her new song and debut the accompanying video, “Skjoldmø” (Shieldmaiden.) The enchanting track is rich with storytelling aspects of the women who stood together as a cohesive unit during times in which tensions could arise. Nanna Comments on the song by saying:

Skjoldmø” (Shielmaiden) refers to an old Norse description of women who participated in the battles with axes, swords and shields. “The lyrics are inspired by a description in Saxon gramaticus about shieldmaidens going into battle by blunting the swords of the enemy with spells songs / galder.

My interpretation of the shield maiden theme touches the problem of fighting inner judgment, a battle between strength and weaknesses as well as judgement from the society through the history. To find the strength of standing together, supporting each other instead of fighting each other.

The video Skjoldmø was filmed at Høje Stene and organized as a workshop for Danish reenactment Viking women and produced is by Mark Thyrring.

Nanna is a multitalented artist as not only does she perform as a traditional singer, but she also infuses old Nordic song techniques. Barslev also happens to be an instrumentalist on a collection of various traditional Nordic instruments such as the Moraharpa, Tagelharpa, Islandsk langspil, Bodhran drum and flute.

She has performed in many medieval folk festivals, as well as metal festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Copenhell, Midgårdsblot, and Castlefest.

Nanna also commented on her signing to By Norse by saying:

I am proud and excited to announce that I found the perfect match with By Norse music, to help me lifting my music into the world. I’m thrilled to be a part of the By Norse family, and I feel lucky to be among wonderful artists such as Wardruna, Tvinna, Eivør and all the other marvellous ones with solid experience, sharing the same genre energies and roots.”

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