Paddy And The Rats Release ‘Make a Change’

Miskolc based Celtic punk act Paddy And The Rats have released a new song / lyric video, Make a Change.’ The band is exploring uncharted waters and creatively, they are taking a bit of a new direction with their music in general.

Paddy spoke a little bit about the song saying that it’s for our earth. That it’s about everyone being able to change things by themselves in small steps. That modern man is exploiting the earth which is slowly dying. It’s about encouraging those to give up bad habits, which could lead to a much more significant change.

However, as you can probably tell by the song, that’s not the only change the track can reference to. The band is dipping their toes into other genres, as well as experimenting with other sounds. Patty says that they been doing very similar songs for years now, and that is grown a little stale. He says that they’re looking for new creative challenges that motivates them.

They been experimenting with new sounds such as EDM, and metal. The band also mentions that they’re not going to be releasing a new album for now, but will be releasing standalone tracks every few months.

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