Mike Ayres Stepping Down

Charm City Saints guitarist and founding member Mike Ayres announced today that he would be leaving the band. He wrote on the Saints Facebook fan page:

I want to take this time to thank everyone that i have had a chance to meet, drink with, and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with over the last nine years. When i started the Saints in 2003, i never figured it would get as far as it did.. it was just something to do one night a week.. just to drink some beer with the guys and write some songs and play some songs that we liked playing. However, A lot has happened over the last year and a half and sometimes you just have to realize or better yet.. admit to your self that it’s better to let things go while you can, than to have them fall apart and wind up with nothing. So, with that, i have to say goodbye.. It’s been a good run.. I’m sure my brothers in the Saints will do what they can to things moving along in the right direction.

Mike has had a great history with the band, and has produces some great music. The Saints are currently working on a new album and plan to start playing shows again this November. We at Irish Punk would like to wish Ayres all the best. He’s a talented musician and a standup guy.


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