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Melancholy Beast By Pyramaze To Be Re-Issued

Power metal group Pyramaze, have announced that their classic 2004 debut album, “Melancholy Beast,” Will be re-issued on CD and digital download on November 24 in Europe and North America. The rereleased album which will be by Inner Wound Recordings, will include a 20 page booklet that will feature some commentary and a bit of history written by founding member and guitarist Michael Kammeyer. A bonus track titled The Wizard, which was originally included on the Japanese version of the album, will also appear on the rerelease.

Michael Kammeyer commented saying:

It’s time for the old to become the new! Our highly praised debut album Melancholy Beast is up for a re-release. Originally released back in 2004, the album has had a good run, but has become increasingly hard to obtain in the stores over the last years, due to obsolete record contracts and label changes. While the new Pyramaze stuff continues to gather new fans around the world, the old album(s) have also become highly coveted by the growing Pyramaze fanbase. Therefore it is with great pride and joy that I can announce the signing for a re-release with
Inner Wound Recordings. The album has been updated with track commentary, album history and new band photos inside the booklet. Also for the first time outside of Japan with the bonus track “The Wizard”.

This should be a real treat for any Pyramaze fan. While I myself am no longer an active member of Pyramaze, I still follow the guys closely as a friend and fan of the new releases. I’m also still handling the business decisions regarding the three first albums. And this release has been in the planning between myself, Pyramaze and Inner Wound Recordings for quite some time. Finally it’s a reality, and on behalf of Pyramaze, Inner Wound Recordings and myself I hereby announce that Melancholy Beast 2.0 will be out in Europe and North America on November 24th. Metal greetings, Michael Kammeyer (ex-Pyramaze captain/guitarist).

“Melancholy Beast” track listing:

01. Sleepy Hollow
02. Forsaken Kingdom
03. Melancholy Beast
04. The Journey
05. Until We Fade Away
06. Legend
07. Mighty Abyss
08. The Nature Of Triumph
09. Power Of Imagination
10. The Wizard (Bonus Track)

Pyramaze “Melancholy Beast” line-up:

Lance King – Vocals
Michael Kammeyer – Guitars
Morten Gade Sørensen – Drums
Jonah Weingarten – Keyboards
Niels Kvist – Bass


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