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Majestica Welcomes New Guitar Player, Petter Hjärpe

Power metal act Majestica has announced today that they have a new guitar player today, Petter Hjärpe. Petter has been a friend of the band for many years and is also a singer-songwriter. Hjärpe is also known for his other melodic power metal bands, Morning Dewll and Mad Hatter.

Petter Spoke about joining up with the band and saying:

It’s very inspiring to now be a part of a band that not only write great music but are very dedicated to what they do and have a goal to reach the horizons. I want to be on the same boat as these guys and help them steer the vessel against the unknown distant skies.

So It’s an honour to be a part of the glorious alliance! Hope I’ll see you all on the road someday soon!

The announcement comes after Alexander Oriz had to leave the band because of a serious burn injury on his hands. Oriz who has been with ReinXeed/Majestica since 2012 gave the news back in July by saying:

Some time ago I was in an accident where I burned my hands and received such extensive injuries that I will no longer be able to play guitar on a professional level.
This means that majestica must now be allowed to move on with a new ability.

I am incredibly sad for this outcome and I am eternally grateful for all the great memories I have, and all the great people I have met during the fantastic time I have had to experience in both ReinXeed and Majestica. I wish the band all the best in the future and we continue to be very good friends with each other, miracles can happen and who knows, maybe we’ll see each other sometime in the future out on the roads!

Until then, I wish you all the best and take care!

Petter will be joining the guys on stage later this year when the “Christmas Carol Tour” kicks off on Dec 16th in London

Majestica – Christmas Carol Tour Dates

2021-12-16 London (The Garage) GB
2021-12-17 Paris (Boule Noire) FR
2021-12-18 Vosselaar (Biebop) BE
2021-12-19 Oberhausen (Kulttempel) DE
2021-12-20 München (Backstage) DE
2021-12-21 Prague (Nová Chmelnice) CZ
2021-12-22 Wien (Szene) AT
2021-12-23 Krakow (Kwadrat) PL
2021-12-27 Berlin (Hole44) DE
2021-12-28 Hamburg (Bahnhof Pauli) DE
2021-12-29 Leipzig (Hellraiser) DE
2021-12-30 Frankfurt (Das Bett) DE
2022-06-02 Plzen (Metal Fest Open Air) CZ

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