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Majestica Pays Tribute To Summer Festivals On New Track, ‘Metal United.”

Power metal heroes Majestica have released a brand-new video, ‘ Metal United’, which is a tribute to summer music festivals and stage crew. In 2019, the band released their debut album, ‘Above The Sky’, and quickly followed up with their Christmas music album, a ‘Christmas Carol in late 2020. (Above the sky was Folk N Metals choice as best debut album in 2019.)

As a brand-new band, the band was unable to tour given the situation with the pandemic. Of course, they could not play events such as music festivals. And as a tribute to the metal community, the group is releasing this new song. The band comments on the track saying:

All the people that work at the festivals and with touring bands have had a rough year, just like all of us. But a lot of these people that work so hard to make it possible for us musicians to perform on stage have had problems finding new jobs, and without these hard-working people, we can’t make our dreams come true.  And since we love to play at festivals and to go to festivals, we have been missing out on one important thing that means so much to us.  So the least we can do to honor these fine working people is to write a song as a tribute to them. A cheerful, uplifting song with Irish influences about the hope that everything will be back to normal, and a melodic, uptempo heavy metal song with an important message.


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