Live Nation Offers Ticket Relief Plan

As COVID-19 continues to put a halt on the live music industry, American event promoter and venue operator, Live Nation, has announced a ticket relief plan. The plan aims to give those who hold tickets to either a canceled or rescheduled event in North America, a refund option.

The way the system works is by automatically giving a refund for all canceled events. If the show happens to be at a Live Nation venue, ticket holders will have 30 days to opt into receiving a refund as a 150% credit used towards buying future tickets. If the show is rescheduled, tickets are automatically valid for the new date unless you opt for a refund within 30 days of the new show date being announced.

This comes at a time when both fans and artists asking questions as to what’s going to happen to the industry once it returns to “normal”.

Some of those questions include, what new policies will be created for new security measures? Will artist be required to bring their own equipment? Will they change the total capacity for events for fewer people? Will they add new restrictions for people and extra scanning at the gate? Will social distancing still play a role in some way? Will open-air venues be the first to return?

All of this remains to be seen, but what we do know is that many have invested hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in live music, broadway, and sporting events. As everything with the live entertainment industry remains in limbo, refunds will bring some muched needed relief to patrons but not music industry workers.

For more information on the relief plan, check out the Live Nation page at the following link.

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