Listen To The First Single From Rebecca Hope, “Burn For You”

Rebecca Hope is a Canadian Songwriting Competition award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist of Algonquin First Nations and Irish heritage. Today, she has released a brand-new single, “Burn For You”, now available on all major streaming platforms that you can check out here.

Rebecca wrote the track about both the risk and the beauty of falling in love. After returning home from visiting her at the time boyfriend, she wrote the song. It was only shortly into the trip that she had decided to end the relationship, as he was not honest nor giving her the time she deserved.

This melancholy folk-country song is resilient and confessional, harnessing the intensity of love’s ups and downs. Rebeccas spoke about the track saying:

Every time you move towards [love], you risk getting hurt,” says Rebecca. “But as I was writing “Burn For You,” it hit me that falling in love and finding someone who is worth the risk of getting hurt is also incredibly beautiful. We all deserve to see ourselves as brave for letting go and falling in love.

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