Jonne Release Lyric Video For “Kaarna”

Jonne has released a lyric video for the song “Kaarna,” which is one day before the singles official release. Riikka Jaakkola is on lead vocals, with Jonne Järvelä on back-up a guitars. The track also features vocals and flute work by Yovan Nagwetch, more backing vocals by Kärtsy Hatakka, drums by Samuli Mikkonen, and guitars by Ben Woods, and bass by Jesper Anastasiadis.

Songwriter Tuomas Keskimäki comments about the lyrics saying:

The lyrics of the song was born when Jonne told me some of his ideas and one of them was like this: “As a brave bark glide on the river of life because it can’t resist it’s power. If you try to do it, you never dare to live.” That’s the spirit of the song and I wrote it to theme “from the youth to the old age”. At the beginning, there was a kid who set the bark on the river, as the metaphor of his life, and in the end the same kid, but now old, are at the river thinking of his life.

The song will be officially released on Spotify tomorrow via this link.


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