Irish Moutarde Announce Release Date For Raise ‘Em All

Quebec based Celtic rock /punk band Irish Moutarde, have announced that their upcoming album Raise ‘Em All, will be release worldwide on September 17th, 2013.

Irish Moutarde - Raise Em All Front

This album is a twelve songs party that perfectly blends together rock, punk, Celtic music, even metal! These musical styles are omnipresent, and the mix leads to heavy and rapid pieces or lively and bawdy Irish drinking songs. That’s not to say that the guys (Oops! The lads and the lass!) can’t turn it down a bit. There’re also some introspective and sweet moments, but not too much! Dynamic vocals, lots of melodies of Celtic influence and many known and lesser-known instruments make a debut album full of energy that fulfills Irish Moutarde’s promise that no matter the day you’ll listen to the album, it’ll always be St.Patrick’s Day!

The band will also be playing a show with the Dropkick Murphy on Expo Québec. For more information, check out the event page here


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