Irij – A Project From Meri Tadic, Debuts Single And Video,”Kiss The Sky”

Meri Tadic, former violinist of folk metal act Eluveitie, is back from a three year hiatus with a new project, and has released a debut single and video, “Kiss The Sky.” The song is from her sci-fi concept EP titled “The Intrepid Child Of Venus”, and will be released sometime later this year.

“Kiss The Sky” introduces a planetary tale about a terrestrial delinquent who was alienated by the Earth and its inhabitants followed by exile to Venus, but now the child returns to avenge a marred planet and stir up some trouble.

Meri is recording her new material with a full band lineup, which includes drummer David Preissel, from post-rockers Glaston, Guitarist Silvan Lüscher and Swiss Jazz bassist Manu Rindlisbacher.

The video was directed, produced and also edited by Tadic. Choreography by Ikenna Isaac Obasi Nwaogu, and the track is now available on all major streaming platforms which you can check out here.

Being involved in the international Music Business for over a decade she committed to her first studio engagement in 2002, to what we now know as the internationally renowned Swiss Folk Metal band Eluveitie. As a founding member she has significantly influenced the band for 11 years.

Amidst the whirlwind chaos of repeated touring, she has managed to produce her first completely autonomous Irij EP in 2009. She didn’t only surprise the Metal community by releasing her follow up albums “Same Zgode…“ in 2014 and another full length album “Cultura Cura” 2016, but also drew the attention of the mainstream media.

Since her departure from “Eluveitie”, Meri Tadic has worked with a number of different session musicians, such as Dominik Burkhalter / Bligg (drums), Tommy Vetterli / Coroner (studio session), Henri Sorvali / Moonsorrow (studio session), Anna Murphy / Cellar Darling (studio session), Maze Künzler / Tomazobi (live session).

The current line-up consists of Jazz bassist Manu Rindlisbacher, guitarist Silvan Lüscher and Post-Rock drummer David Preissel. It is with this line-up, that the new full band sound of “Kiss The Sky” was brought to life. A second single of the upcoming EP “The Intrepid Child Of Venus” will be released in summer, followed by the six track EP and a set of live shows.

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