Irdorath Release Video For ‘Serca Raskolata’

Fantasy folk act Irdorath have just released a new video for their song, ‘Serca Raskolata.’ (Сэрца Расколата, translation: Heart is torn apart) The single is now available on all major streaming platforms, which you can find at the following link.

The story is about brothers and a sister who made a long way to meet and to do together what is so frightfully to do alone: They leave behind the symbols of the past which are dear to their hearts, sacrifice them to the elements of water and fire and then receive their inner liberation. All characters in the clip are real family: blood brothers and sister of Vladimir Irdorath.

The band went on into more detail by adding:

This is a personal story reflected in music and video. A small film about family, struggle, farewell to the past and liberation, the idea that by joining together you can do something that is almost impossible on your own.

This is a special art for us. It is the first directorial work of Nadezhda. And all the actors there in reality are a real family: they are siblings of Vladimir.


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