Hooligans United: Rancid Tribute Album Coming Soon

Some exciting news this week for fans of legendary punk band Rancid. It appears that a tribute album is in the works and will be featuring bands such as Street Dogs, Far From Finished, and according to their Facebook page, The Mahones are on board as well.

Currently, not much is known about the album, but what we do know is that it’s going to be released by Hellcat and Smelvis records. We also have list of some of the bands and songs that will be featured on the album.

As of now there is no known release date for the album, which is titled Hooligans United.

1. Street Dogs – “Avenues & Alleyways”
2. Far From Finished – “It’s Quite Alright”
3. Death March – “I Am Forever”
4. Hola Ghost – “Django”
5. The Forgotten – “Corruption”
6. Los Creepers – “St. Marys”
7. Left Alone – “Black Derby Jacket”
8. The Triggers – “The Wars End”
9. Potato Pirates – “Hyena”
10. The Phenomenauts – “Life Wont Wait”
11. Koffin Kats – “Detroit”
12. Death By Stereo – “Rejected”
13. The Interrupters – “11th Hour”
14. Bunny Gang – “International Coverup”
15. Manic Hispanic – “Radio”
16. Mustard Plug – “Roots Radicals”
17. Deals Gone Bad – “Antennas”
18. Good For Nothing – “Disconnected”
19. The China Wife Motors – “Something In The World Today”
20. The Briggs – “Who Would Have Thought”
21. Inspector – “Ruby Soho”
22. Voo Doo Glow Skulls – “The Brothels”
23. The Howlers – “Don Giovanni”
24. Kevin Seconds – “Salvation”
25. Big D and The Kids Table – “Old Friend”
26. Kepi Ghoulie – “East Bay Night”
27. Motel Drive – “Motorcycle Ride”
28. The Black Rose Phantoms – “Tattoo”
29. Anti-Flag – “Maxwell Murder”


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