Fabienne Erni And Jonas Wolf Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New Project

Fabienne Erni and Jonas Wolf have announced that they will be creating a new DIY project along with a debut album, and have launched a crowdfunding campaign for support. The group has already recorded the first single at New Sound Studios with Tommy Vetterli and Claudio Rodriguez.

The new project will be released on New Year’s Day, January 1st 2020, with several singles to be released before the new album which is expected in the spring. The album is going to be a concept record, with eight tracks that is being described as having everything from “hard riffs to soft ballads.”

The duo also explained why they are taking a DIY approach by saying:

We feel it’s important to tell you that this entire project is a DIY project, which means we will do everything by ourselves without the help from a record label! Because of this, we can explore our music with creative freedom and have the opportunity to decide everything by ourselves, without being affected in our vision.

Of course, we are not taking care of this enormous project entirely by ourselves. We’re working in an familiar team full of talented people. Amongst others, is a film score composer, who enriches our songs with tremendous orchestrations, we work with international concept writers, storytellers and illustrators.

Furthermore, we’re working with video producers and photographers who accompany us during the project, and capture the most beautiful behind the scenes moments, as well as our upcoming video clips for our single releases (and many more).
This whole team are working together to squeeze the very best out of our concept, both on a graphical and content level in a rider to create a fascinating and well thought-out world.

The funding for the project is now live on We Make It and features numerous reward packages. Some of the items include everything from a guitar pick, to a VIP living room Concert. The band have has said that if the funding exceeds the goal, the extra funds will go into the production of more music videos.

Click Here To Support The New Project
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