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Exclusive Video Premiere: mmhmm – 3Am And Sake

Today we’re bringing you the premiere of the latest video from mmhmm, 3Am And Sake. The song is off the duos self-titled debut album, which was released last summer, and was also our choice as 2018s folk rock album of the year. The ladies had the following to say about the track:

3am and Sake is a song about being with someone that you don’t want anybody to know about for whatever reason. It’s basically a conversation with one’s self, talking and justifying one’s drunken, romantic actions. Of course, even if you’re not into songs about love affairs and debauchery, everyone can get behind screaming “I don’t want to!! ….sometimes. Raelyn Nelson

I love that, no matter what Raelyn and I do, create, wherever we travel to, wherever we play…a huge, crazy adventure always ensues with tons of underlying story and inside jokes. Even when shit gets hard, we try to handle it with humor and grace. This (Sake) video has LOTS of that packed in it. We’re excited for all the new videos and new music we plan to make this year, and for taking our duo to next level crazy, and silly, and irresistible fun. Hannah Fairlight


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