Exclusive Premiere: Shane Caseys New Album – Silver Star

The First Listen At The New Concept Release From The Jersey-Based Artist

Today we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive premiere and early listen to the new album from New Jersey-based Americana / indie-folk artist, Shane Casey. Silver Star will officially be released tomorrow and Casey along with Keith Macadoo on bass, Joex Marotta on drums, and Brian Lawrey on lead guitar, have spent the past year producing this new record. Though some of the writing process for Casey goes back even a bit further.

Silver Star is a concept album which in a sense, is about death and rebirth. The album takes a look at the life of a man dealing with the passing of his father, and the birth of his son. With its enthralling storytelling, radiant harmonies, and combination of classic folk rock and indie influences, Casey has created an album that is poignant, nostalgic, and joyful.

Shane spoke a little bit about the release by saying:

While the recording process took about a year, the idea itself started a long time ago. I probably wrote “Oh Father” roughly 5 years ago, along with “Mariana” and “Landslide”.

At first, these songs were just ways to talk about how I felt towards the death of my own father and the distance it put between me and his side of the family.

I wrote “Songbird” a couple of years later on a balcony in Ocean City, Maryland; that’s where I had the idea to start taking these thoughts and fusing them into a character that was similar to me, but dealing with different circumstances.

Shane Casey - Silver Star cover
Silver Star Will Be Released 8/21/2020

Oh Father
Love Like a Landslide
Find My Way
Time’s a Roaring River
Sisters in My Sleep
Lost in the Valley
Once Like You

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More On Shane Casey:

Shane Casey is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. Accompanied by Keith Macadoo on bass, Joex Marotta on drums, and the enigmatic Brian Lawrey on lead guitar; he has been writing original music for over a decade. This group has spent the past year recording and producing their latest project, Silver Star, which is a concept album chronicling the life of a man; from the death of his father to the birth of his son. This album manages to perfectly capture the sound of contemporary folk music whilst adding a distinct classic rock influence to the mix. The blending of these styles comes together to form a nostalgic and undeniably catchy experience for the listener.

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