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Exclusive Premiere: Listen To The Devil’s Trades New Album

Today we unleashed the exclusive first listen of “‘The Call of the Iron Peak” from The Devil’s Trade. The release is the latest studio effort from Hungarian singer-songwriter Dávid Makó, and will be available tomorrow at this link via Season of Mist.

Makó brings one of the most haunting and tortured Dark Folk releases this year. Fused with atmospheric doom, bluegrass, and subtle nods to metal, “The Call Of The Iron Peak” features some truly unique tracks and a chilling and twisted cover of the folk song Három Árva.

“The Iron Peak; a mystical place where one once found his long lost peace total silence and home. Where he would return when his time to come to pass away. A place that has became a materialization of everlasting freedom cut from society and all earthly struggles. As ancient beliefs say heaven is a place where we found peace with our loved ones in life the Iron Peak is some kind of heaven.”

The album describes finding yourself in a world that you want to be isolated from and accepting the inevitable. It’s about the path that you take and the journey. The Devils Trade gives us a peek into himself with theses songs of anguish and torment. It is also both a literal and metaphorical in the sense that Makó is calling on you to share rituals of love and hopes lost and found along the pilgrimage of his.

“‘The Call of the Iron Peak” is his first release with Season of Mist, and in April 2021, he will tour in support of the album alongside UK singer-songwriter Darkher and Swedish neofolk/ambient artist Forndom.

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1. The Iron Peak
2. Dead Sister
3. III
4. No Arrival
5. Expelling of the Crafty Ape
7. Három Árva
8. Eyes in the Fire
10. Dreams from the Rot
11. The Call of the Iron Peak


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1 year ago

Amazing! Will be picking this one up for sure.

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