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Exclusive Premiere: Garmarna – “Dagen Flyr”

Listen To The Bands New Single From Their Upcoming Album, "Förbundet"

Swedish Folk Rock pioneers Garmarna will soon be releasing their long-awaited and highly anticipated seventh studio album, Förbundet. Today we’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of Dagen Flyr, the third single from the release.

The bewitching track is a prime example of the bands expertise of fusing traditional Scandinavian folk songs with a more modern rock edge. By giving their music such a unique twist, there is a reason as to why they’ve been enshrined as original pioneers of the Scandinavian folk rock scene and being the inspiration for bands such as Heilung, Wardruna, and Faun.

Dagen Flyr has also been a track some fans have been waiting two decades to get an official release of, as Emma Härdelin explains:

This song goes way back. We’ve played it live for nearly twenty years or so, and to finally release it feels less like a reveal and more as if we are putting something right. Being a choral from the Swedish speaking parts of Estonia, the lyrics concern old age, a goodbye to life and a welcome of sorts to the inevitable death.

Obviously, we didn’t really treat it as something as sombre. Rather, Stefan came up with a very catchy violin-tune and once we paired the vocal part with the instrumental, everything else pretty much played out by itself. Arranging a Garmarna tune can often be a painful and stretched out process but not in this instance. Bass riff, drums, some acoustic guitars – done and dusted!

Förbundet will be released on November 6th, 2020 via Season of Mist, and is now available for preorders at the following link.

Förbundet Will Release Nov 6th 2020

01. Ramunder
02. Två Systrar
03. Dagen Flyr
04. Sven i Rosengård
05. Ur världen att gå
06. Vägskäl
07. Lussi Lilla
08. Avskedet
09. Din Grav

The visionary folk sounds of Sweden’s GARMARNA marries ancient traditions with contemporary sounds on their captivating new album Förbundet. Förbundet is an especially apt title as their songs, inspired by traditional Swedish folk music and Scandinavian ballads, are played by acoustic instruments but accented by a flourish of modern electronics (beats, loops and samples). The album, led by Emma Härdelin’s spellbinding vocals and aided by the rich production of Christopher Juul (HEILUNG), see the Grammis (Swedish Grammy) Award winning group operating at the heights of their powers. GARMARNA have persevered for nigh on four decades now, and Förbundet further secures their legacy as one of the worldwide leaders of traditional Scandinavian folk music.

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