Exclusive Premiere: ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’ – Hannah Fairlight

Hannah Takes Us On A Bike Ride And Reminisces About A Part Of Her Past In New Video

Today we’re happy to bring you the exclusive video premiere of ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’ from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Hannah Fairlight. The track is taken from her 2020 LP release, ‘Muscle & Skin’. The song was inspired by Roy Orbison’s outlier disco album “Laminar Flow”, and is a relatable long-lost love story, but additionally, a more profoundly personal song as Hannah explains;

It’s a long-lost love song, which many people have shared with me that they relate to. But it’s also a song about a special relationship I had when I was out as a queer/gay woman in my early 20s. There’s a lot wrapped up in it for me about feeling free to express that part of it, and it’s been tough for me to portray through video. I haven’t been an artist who wears her sexuality on her sleeve.

She also goes on to talk even more in-depth about the track and well as other tidbits of information in a short video series she did for social media, which can be found on her Instagram. There she goes into detail about how producer/multi-instrumentalist Austin Hoke played a vital role in the tone and texture of the song, and how “lyin’ heart” in the lyric is actually “lionheart” and why two lions don’t mix, so be sure to watch those videos for even more great insight.

The video which features a bike named White Lightning and a pair of wicked pink joggers signed by Weezer, is yet another DIY video approach Hannah took and she shot and edited the video herself. She has mentioned that she does plan on doing some more videos, and she’s going to have many other major announcements to make in the near future.

You can be sure to find out more by following her on her socials, her Bandcamp, and by keeping an eye out for her upcoming website. And also to note; ‘Muscle & Skin’ was on our annual best releases the year list, which is published each December.

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Track List:

  1. This Silence
  2.  Do What You Said You Wanted To
  3. Shaking Hands
  4. Let the Rain Pour
  5. Walk Away
  6. Too Late to Wonder
  7. Do You Ever Think of Me
  8. Drinking at 3
  9. Bells
  10. Money & Run
  11. Muscle & Skin
  12. Mother Moon
  13. Opposite Ways

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