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Elvenking Welcomes New Drummer

Italy based folk metal act ElvenKing, has announced their newest drummer, Lancs. This past year,Lancs has been a part of the bands European tour, and summer festivals. He is also been a part of the bands latest album, which was recorded in May 2017.

The band posted the following on their Facebook page:

We have asked LANCS to join as session drummer in our European tour only 2 weeks before the kick off. He was on tour with DGM at the time, and he studied all the 1,5 hour set in the tourbus” tells the band “He then jumped in our tour and we were all impressed on how he was nailing the songs every night!”

Also we have entered the studio only one week after the tour’s end . We had all the tracks recorded in a good pre production form but LANCS recorded them in an incredible way and we cannot wait you guys to hear his drumming on the new album. It is simply overwhelming!

Elvenking says we can expect some additional information to be released on the upcoming album, in the following weeks.


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