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Eluveitie To Release New Album “Ategnatos” On April 5th, 2019

Folk metal legends Eluveitie, have announced that their new album “Ategnatos,” will be released on April 5th of this year. Which is also the longest release gap between albums for the band.

This one almost became something like a socio-critical uncovering work. “Some kind of a revelation, a doomsday prophecy. Dark and severe in its atmosphere and charisma, and also occult, arcane and elitist. Chrigel Glanzmann

A work based on archaic archetypes and the ancient concept of renewal, Ategnatos unfolds an elemental force to be reckoned with. “These archetypes are still within us. People didn’t change that much during the last 3000 years – and men were always just men.” No wonder the album follows a decidedly darker, monumental tone that suits them very well. Of course, Eluveitie have long found their very own trademark sound, a sonic adventure often copied but never overcome.

With Ategnatos, the dedicated nine-piece not only worked with a real string quartet (a premiere!) and granted Fabienne Erni’s sublime mastery of the harp the room it deserved; they also undertook a holistic upgrade resulting in some of the most catchy, most aggressive or most epic tunes the Swiss Metal nobility has ever offered.

The band returned to New Sound Studio with sound engineer Tommy Vetterli, for the recording. ” By taking mixing duties to the skilled hand of renowned studio wizard Jens Bogren in his Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden, ELUVEITIE returned to the very spot where they mixed their now legendary Slania album more than ten years ago.

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