Eclipse Release New Single And Video – New Album This Fall

Coming off the highly successful release of their most recent album, ‘Plagiarism’, Sweden’s Eclipse have announced that they are just putting up the final touches on their new studio album, which is going to be released this autumn. In the meantime, the band has just released a new single, an anthem for the ages, ‘Saturday Night’ (Hallelujah). Eclipse front man Erik Martensson spoke about the song by saying.

It was another one of those Saturday nights. At home. But, for the first time in a very long time there was hope. Suddenly there were stories about someone’s mom getting ‘the shot’, an old neighbor who was able to see the grandkids for the first time in a year, and I saw an ad for a gig. A real one, without screens or internet connections. A songwriter buddy of mine was there and we walked back to the studio and wrote most of what would become ‘Saturday Night (Hallelujah)’ in 15 minutes.

There’s absolutely nothing snotty about this song. It’s about partying! Don’t try to tell me you’re not up for a good f***ing party right about now?

Over the last few years Eclipse have performed to audiences around the globe, including the U.S, Japan, Australia and Europe and have opened for giants like Aerosmith and the Scorpions. Their albums have amassed millions of streams and charted in several European countries. With the momentum of their last studio album “Paradigm” propelling them, their upcoming studio album promises to push them even further up the rock ‘n roll mountain.

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