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Dyrnwyn Reveal Teaser For New Album “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”

Pagan folk metal act Dyrnwyn, have announced that they have signed with SoundAge Productions, and have a released a teaser for their upcoming new album “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.” The band went into the studio in July 2018, where they recorded their forthcoming release. “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” is currently set to be released on 24/10/2018.

1 – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
2 – Cerus
3 – Parati ad Impetvm
4 – Si Vis Pacem…
5 – … Para Bellum
6 – L’Addio del Primo Re
7 – Il Sangue Dei Vinti
8 – Feralia
9 – L’Assedio di Veio – CCCXCVI A.C.


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