Crystal Viper Release New Song And Video

Heavy metal act Crystal Viper has released a new single and video for their song “Still Alive.” The track it’s from the bands upcoming album, “Tales Of Fire And Ice,” which will be released on November 22, 2019 via AFM Records. Frontwoman Marta Gabriel spoke a little bit about the track saying that:

“Still Alive” is an opening track on our new album, “Tales Of Fire And Ice”, right after the intro. It’s basically a song about the Bermuda Triangle, but the words have a deeper meaning: no matter what is happening, do not give up. Stay strong. Bring the wind, thunders and rain, I’m still here and I’m still alive!

Pre-orders are now available for the album here, and you can also check out the new song on Spotify at this link.

Tales Of Fire And Ice

01 Prelude
02 Still Alive
03 Crystal Sphere
04 Bright Lights
05 Neverending Fire
06 Interlude
07 Under Ice
08 One Question
09 Tomorrow Never Comes (Dyatlov Pass)
10 Tears Of Arizona
11 Dream Warriors (DOKKEN-Cover, Bonus Track)

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